Our Story

Winnie Parkes is owned by myself, Lindsay - a wife and mum of two, Parker and Winston.

Bringing my passion of naturality and conscious parenting together with my love of small business!

When my little Koala’s were teething, it was incredibly important to me to ensure the teethers I was giving them were natural, well designed and safe.

I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for with an authentic Australian feel, whilst also being neutral, functional and having multiple textures.

I found myself drawing my ideas down and designing my perfect Aussie teether collection!
I was inspired by my family holidays along the East Coast of Australia.
Exploring nature on bushwalks, swimming at the beach and spotting all the native animals on our adventures!


Winnie Parkes is brought to life with a passion for naturality and sustainability.

 A creative vision and desire to produce children's teethers that not only create a positive impact for our children but also positively impact the planet.

We are incredibly proud to have created 100% natural rubber teethers that embrace the natural Australian elements.

Our teethers will not only encourage sensorial play and development within our little Koalas, but are safe for all use, with no holes – meaning no mould growth!

As we grow as a business, we aim to give back to the Australian community - creating a space for other like-minded parents along the way.
We have commitments to ensure the sustainability for future generations – to support the protection and growth of our native animals, and to restore Australia’s bushlands after the natural disasters

Winnie Parkes is born out of a desire to bring our favourite Australian flora and fauna to life for all little babes!